DPO Summer Brunch and Discuss

Data Compliance hosted their summer term Brunch and Discuss on 14th June which is the termly forum to provide schools with current data protection news and further guidance on data protection practices.

One of the subjects covered was AI and the issues from a data protection point of view. The power of AI was demonstrated by using ChatGPT where the following instruction was given: Write a funny poem about data protection with Sat and Louise as the heroes.

You may be surprised by the result!

ChatGPT poem

In the realm of data protection, a tale unfolds, With heroes named Sat and Louise, brave and bold. They battled hackers with a mighty zeal, Protecting sensitive info with an iron seal.

Sat, the tech whiz, had skills unmatched, With firewalls and encryption, he dispatched. He defended the servers with a digital sword, Keeping data safe from the malicious horde.

Louise, the vigilant guardian of privacy, Fought for user rights with great tenacity. She shielded personal info from prying eyes, With privacy policies, she reached the skies.

Together they formed an unstoppable team, Sat’s bytes of wisdom and Louise’s dream. They thwarted cyber threats at every bend, A dynamic duo, protecting data till the end.

Sat coded like a wizard, lines flowing free, While Louise enforced compliance with glee. They danced through firewalls, a synchronized pair, Laughing in the face of hackers’ despair.

In the realm of data, they ruled with grace, With laughter and humour in every chase. Sat’s binary jokes and Louise’s witty banter, Made data protection an entertaining chapter.

So, let’s raise a glass to Sat and Louise, Defending data with laughter and ease. In this funny poem, their story’s been told, Data protection heroes, brave and bold!