Training and Consultancy

The Education Space offers a comprehensive suite of training and consultancy services, covering all CPD and regulatory requirements.

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Schools are required to have trained/qualified staff in a number of areas, often having to source training from different providers at high costs. Schools also have to keep track of compliance and certification renewals, adding extra administration to an already heavily burdened workforce. Finding the time to release staff from school – for what is often a whole day of training – can also prove challenging.

Our solutions

We offer a wide range of accredited training – delivered locally by qualified staff and partners, all under one roof and at good value for schools. Our sessions can be booked on a per-user basis, or at your school for larger groups. Thanks to our excellent relationships with our partners, we are able to offer tailored training that meets the needs of your school. Booking couldn’t be simpler – just contact us via phone, email, or our online booking platform.

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With over 30 years’ experience in education services and a customer satisfaction rating of over 90%, we are well placed to understand the unique demands of your school. We give you access to a vast network of training delivery partners, who are able to source almost any training requirement: from Data Protection and Educational Visits training, to Positive Handling and Paediatric First Aid.

For our full range of training courses and to book online, please  access our client portal.



We offer a helpdesk and support service for your MIS and finance system. we’re there to make sure your digital hardware and software works, when you need it to.

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Our ever-increasing reliance on technology is in our society to stay – it’s essential that your school’s computing is secure, agile and accessible. Teachers and pupils can very quickly become apathetic when technology doesn’t work, leading to rapid lesson disruption and a lack of focus in the classroom.

Our solutions

We provide a dedicated technician to provide consistency and tech support to your school when it is needed. Our back office technical helpdesk is accessible Monday to Friday – most fixes are completed remotely before the next on-site visit. We help to develop your school’s Digital Strategic plan in order to manage your costly on-premise equipment in a way that meets your budgetary requirements, and drive up efficiency.

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Our staff are qualified IT professionals in various disciplines including Google and Microsoft certified, ITIL, Prince 2, SIMS, Bromcom, and many more. This gives us the ability to support any school network and advise on best practice. We actively build partnerships with many different organisations to offer schools the latest in tech at affordable prices – including LGfL, Google, Wizkids, and Cisco.



Your integrated HR & Payroll system covers the full employee life cycle.

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Being paid incorrectly, or not on time, is a serious demotivating factor for school staff. It also causes lots of unnecessary work and stress. Managing HR issues correctly and consistently is vital to motivate and effectively manage your workforce. Few schools can afford to employ a dedicated HR professional, and most managers need support and guidance on how best to deal with HR issues.

Our solutions

We provide support and guidance on all HR-related matters over the phone, face-to-face, or by email. Our Payroll Service provides accurate and on-time payment with online access, so staff can manage their own details ensuring up-to-date records. Our fully integrated HR and payroll system reduces the risk of human error and provides in-depth analysis and reporting, covering everything from basic data to sickness absence analysis.

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Our HR and Payroll Service provides a comprehensive range of services at a strategic, advisory and operational level. With over 30 years experience, this has allowed us to build strong relationships with Trade Unions to resolve issues at the earliest opportunity. All our staff are appropriately qualified, and undergo regular training to keep up-to-date with latest case law and precedents.



We offer easy access to specialist professional advice and support, delivering solutions for a wide range of complex school management issues.

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Schools have the significant responsibility of safeguarding their pupils, and ensuring compliance with a wide range of regulations and legislation. With budgets shrinking in real terms year-on-year, it is increasingly difficult to have qualified staff on the team who can handle the wide range of unique situations that arise in school management.

Our solutions

We provide unlimited access to phone or email support. We also carry out site visits for a wide range of school management needs. Our staff use their expertise to assist schools in a number of ways – from managing critical incidents, to updating policy and procedures. Where incidents fall outside of our expertise, we are able to signpost you to our accredited pre-approved partners.

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This service is delivered by highly experienced members of staff who carry various qualifications, ranging from IOSH in Health & Safety to a MBA in public administration. We support over 100 schools, and have done so for many years. As a result, we have encountered many different school management issues, and have successfully supported schools to find solutions.



Governor services puts the right people in the right place to provide wrap-around support for governing boards.

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Governance is a complex process. There are many rules and regulations to follow and a wide range of statutory duties to discharge. The right people need to be around the table with their training and development needs met, meetings should be supported by a professional clerk – and then of course, there’s the paperwork. In short this means that there is a lot of knowledge to be acquired, a lot of meetings to be clerked, and significant deadlines need to be met for school governance to be well supported.

Our solutions

We provide an expert support and advice service either by phone or email, along with a dedicated and professional clerk for each governing board. We have a comprehensive training programme to develop either new or experienced governors. We also provide support for recruiting the kind of skilled individuals governing boards need to enhance their memberships. In addition, our dedicated support team will ensure that governing board meetings are well planned, clerked professionally, and that papers are issued on time. For more complex issues, we provide specialist help and a company secretary support service.

Trust us

Our staff provided high-level support to schools for over 30 years, maintaining a customer rating (good or excellent) in excess of 95%. We work with a wide range of clients including maintained schools, standalone academies, and multi-academy trusts. All our regular clerks are accredited via The National College Clerks’ Development Programme, and new clerks undertake the programme within 12 months of appointment. We support over 1000 meetings per year – we guarantee a competent person to cover if your dedicated clerk is unavailable, reducing the risk of a single point of failure.



Since the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into force on 25th May 2018, our service has ensured schools keep their data above board.

To ensure schools have the appropriate protection in place, we set-up a comprehensive Data Compliance service, providing schools with the knowledge and tools they require to effectively implement appropriate data protection practices.

The Data Compliance Service is structured as follows:

  • Data Protection Officer (DPO) Service (Schools as public bodies are required to appoint a DPO)
  • Training
  • Data Mapping Consultancy
  • Ad Hoc Consultancy
  • Health Check



The Education Space is committed to working with you to make a positive impact on the lives of children. We recognise that to do this, we cannot simply provide the same services year in year out.

A number of new products are coming to market. These are created and defined in conjunction with schools.

Below are examples of some of the products we are currently piloting.

Social Media, Web and Brand

Schools may not be aware of how they or their staff are represented online. Traditionally the identity of schools was based on strong values, community and Ofsted reports.

In the digital age of social media, your identity is driven by online opinion, search results and digital presence. We’re looking to find a solution, so schools can better manage these factors with the use of strategic marketing and branding.

Leadership and Management Development

With quality recruitment becoming tougher than ever, it is increasingly important to have a high staff retention rate. This requires clear career progression routes with quality training and development programmes.

We are exploring ways in which we can work with schools to identify and develop leadership and managerial potential, and support staff in gaining the right level of knowledge, skills and ability to lead and manage teams, cultural change and organisational development.

Culture Change & Organisational Development

Understanding the prevailing culture, why it exists and what needs to change, often requires an independent and objective viewpoint. We’re exploring with partners how best to achieve sustainable change and organisational development.

Health & Safety Management System

Managing and understanding all health and safety requirements can be an arduous task. We are seeking a solution to have one place to record and report on process, ensuring greater compliance and reducing risks.

Senior Staff Recruitment

Recruitment and retention has become more difficult. In particular, teachers do not necessarily stay in the profession for the duration of their careers. This puts pressure on schools when appointing to senior posts due to the reduction in the quantity and quality of applications. Together with our partners in schools, we are working to find effective solutions for recruitment, retention and succession planning.

Risk Management

Whilst schools are aware of the risks they may face, often they are managed in a fragmented way, and in many cases the lower priority risks are not dealt with, stirring up problems for the future.
The Education Space is currently using an internal system to collectively manage, categorise and assess risks. We are able to transfer our success in reducing the impact of our risks to our clients.


If you’re interested in helping us develop any of these ideas or others, please contact or call 0208 249 6900.


Digital Transformation

As cloud and collaborative solutions are prominent and deliver better overall value, The Education Space is offering a strategic service to reframe ICT services in schools.

The service is offered from the consumers’ service perspective rather than a ‘server refresh’, and will assess current reliability and capacity risks to ensure delivery in a logical manner with outcomes for students and teachers in mind.

The Education Space is investing in a vision to equip the children of today with the skills of tomorrow through collaborative learning. Educating the four C’s (Creativity, Critical Thinking, Communication, and Collaboration) is at the heart of The Education Space’s Digital Strategy for delivery of ICT services to its customers.

The Education Space is committed to providing services that deliver maximum value through the use of technology.

Our vision is to reduce spend on operational ICT and shift the budget towards education improvement, leading to better outcomes for children. This will also alleviate the added pressure of a potential reduction in budgets, due to funding formula changes.


Phase 1 – Understand

We will assess current services and risks, to understand what is being used and how, to enable risk reduction and better interim performance.


  • A report on shared data within your school to provide information on current access and use of data to enable decisions on data cleansing
  • An audit of applications that are being used and their purpose to provide visibility on usage/potential duplication.


Phase 2 – Define

We will define a course of action using the information collected from phase 1.


  • A review of shared data
  • A review of applications and their usage
  • Initial CPD and SLT buy-in session provided by The Education Space Certified Google Trainers
  • A review of any automated processes (account/group creation).

Phase 3 – Implement

We will implement platforms using the design created from phase 2 and reduce capacity and performance risks by migrating documents into Google Drive.


  • CPD for staff in preparation for using Google Docs and Drive and Classroom
  • Implementation of G Suite accounts and groups as per the permissions defined in phase 2 and automation considered
  • Creation of a folder structure as defined in phase 2
  • Roll out of drive file stream to enable Google Drive to be accessed on Windows Machines
  • Migration of files and folders from on-premise infrastructure to Google Drive
  • Consider application audit and alternatives if required.

This will produce the following outcomes:

  • Reduce reliance on on-site server based technology
  • An opportunity to review backup costs and scale down as required
  • Reduce risk of data loss by placing documents on a well-protected and supported resilient platform
  • Children benefiting from using Google as a collaborative platform
  • Teachers benefiting from using Google Classroom as a learning platform
  • No longer require on-premise storage disks, with Google Drive offering unlimited capacity for free.

If you’re interested in Transforming your school, you can find us on the Governments G-CLOUD Framework here.



The Education Space has project managed 16 schools through their conversion to academy and to join or form an academy trust.

With the changing landscapes for schools and colleges, partnerships have become increasingly important. Finding the right partner and developing a sustainable alliance from the beginning is often problematic.

The education services has developed a number of products to assist with this, whether for joint ventures, federations, academies or trusts.

Establishing a Partnership

We work with each school to assess the scope for partnership, support initial due diligence and provide advice & guidance on the solutions available.

We then develop a memorandum of understanding to establish a formal agreement which meets the needs of the parties.

Academy Conversion

The planning and preparation required for converting to an academy is time-consuming. Schools need to consider how stakeholders should be consulted, and the impact from building and land transfers to TUPE requirements.

We project manage your conversion to an academy, the process of forming a MAT or joining an established MAT, ensuring the process is as smooth as possible.

Governance Review

A successful school requires good governance, to not only comply with regulations, but to achieve its objectives and drive improvement.

We assess the effectiveness of the governance arrangements by attending governing board meetings, reviewing key documents, interviewing key individuals and recommending improvements.

Peer Governance Review

We carry out a governance review for each partnership, comparing and contrasting what works well, and the good practice that could be shared.

Integrated Curriculum & Financial Planning

We carry out an independent evaluation of all schools in the partnership and provide a detailed breakdown of the financial efficiency in delivering the curriculum, that can be embedded into business processes.

This exercise can help your partnership and MAT to secure access to additional DfE funding and benchmark your school against similar organisations across the country.

Stress (management) Risk Assessment

When partnerships are formed, new roles with greater responsibilities are created. Schools and partnerships have a responsibility to help staff manage any stress involved in their new role.

We work with schools to reduce stress absence, support vulnerable members of staff and staff with high levels of responsibility or prominent roles within an organisation.

Health & Safety Network Meetings

We will hold quarterly meetings to provide advice and guidance on policy and procedure updates, legislation changes, compliance issues and incident management.


If you’re interested in helping us develop any of these ideas or others, please contact or call 0208 249 6900.