Social Media, Web and Brand

Control the narrative through effective engagement

Effective communication with all stakeholders is more vital than ever in the modern world. Education establishments excel at ensuring compliance when it comes to using their websites. However, the creative use of both social media and your website to communicate your school vision is an effective way to ensure classrooms are full and the best teachers are leading them.

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IT Support services

Empowering schools through the use of technology

Technology is embedded everywhere in life, from how we work, communicate, obtain information and advance the world. Schools are reliant on technology throughout, from teaching and learning to back-office administration.

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Helping deliver positive outcomes through effective data management

The Education Space MIS Support team provides high quality, specialist MIS support and training to help schools utilise the full capabilities of their MIS solution. Our aim is to deliver desired outcomes, meet statutory obligations and make informed strategic decisions through effective data analysis and reporting.

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HR & Payroll Service

A payroll service that understands education

In the busy world of education and developing children and young people, the last thing you need to be worrying about is staff being paid accurately and on time. The responsibilities of education establishments are so varied it is not always possible to ensure you have someone with the relevant expertise in each area, so forming a partnership with specialist support providers is vital.

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Good employee relations provides an open and honest communication between management, their employees and trade unions. Employee relations strengthen the employer/employee relationship by identifying and resolving workplace issues.

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Governor Services

Ensuring your governance is effective and legally compliant

All schools and academies are required by law to be compliant with government regulations. High quality, effective and ethical governance is key to the success of every school and trust, for the future of children and young people. The complexities of governance are developing all the time and the risks associated with getting this wrong carry high penalties.

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Providing cost-effective CPD solutions for your whole workforce

Continuous professional development is a vital part of any school’s function. Working with multiple training providers or sourcing a particular course can prove challenging so The Education Space has created a comprehensive suite of training and consultancy services, covering all aspects of CPD and regulatory requirements.

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Ensuring compliance in a data-driven world

Individuals have a right to privacy and to have their data treated in a way they would reasonably expect. Therefore, it is imperative that organisations understand the data they hold, protect and process to comply with data protection legislation. Good practices in managing data can increase both confidence and trust in an organisation and minimise risks for the organisation and individuals.

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Risk & Assurance services

Prevention through planning and effective incident management

Risk management is an essential part of everyday school life for planned events such as educational visits, however, operating a school day-to-day also throws up many unexpected incidents for school leaders, from challenging parents and carers to dealing with an epidemic. This means having someone to call on with experience, expertise, skills and the confidence to provide you with the assurance you need and to support you through those challenges at any time during the day or out of hours as required.

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Ensuring food safety and nutritional compliance

An important requirement for schools is to ensure that the government’s mandatory food safety and school food-based standards are achieved at all times on their premises. The job of the catering provider is to ensure a high quality and safe service is provided, maintained and improved as required.

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Ensuring a hygienic work environment for people on-premise

Keeping schools clean is now more important than ever. Teaching is a high-energy job and those who are being taught spend a large proportion of their day at school. A clean work environment helps to ensure that teachers and pupils have a safe and healthy work environment.

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Fire Risk Assessment

Plan & prevent to ensure schools are meeting their obligations

Fire safety in schools is so important for the simple reason that large numbers of people (children and staff) come together in one place and a single fire can affect all of them. Schools contain and store many combustible items and therefore Fire Risk Assessments are extremely important as well as being a legal requirement for schools to safeguard the lives of everyone on-site and the school premises.

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Protecting your learning environment

It is vital that teachers, governors and school leaders understand, and can respond effectively to, the range of situations facing children and young people today. An important responsibility for headteachers, school business managers and other senior leaders is to ensure their school is compliant and up-to-date with the latest legislation and statutory guidance.

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Procurement & Contracting Support

Helping you achieve value for money in your procurement process

Schools have a duty to make sure they obtain the best value for money from any contracts they enter into. Your school could save money by using existing arrangements/frameworks or teaming up with other schools to increase your purchasing power. Procurement will ensure that the money is spent in a way that is fair, open and good value for money.

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Radiation Protection Service

Safely managing your hazardous materials

Radiation protection, also known as radiological protection, is defined by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) as “The protection of people from harmful effects of exposure to ionising radiation, and the means for achieving this”. Radioactive sources are used as part of the national curriculum in science and/or advanced level physics in most secondary schools and colleges.

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Enabling children to understand the changing technical world

Identifying and training the right person to be the computing lead for your school is often a challenge. Our expertise provides you with the peace of mind that the person you chose is fully supported by a computing curriculum specialist, which will promote confidence to deliver an integrated computing curriculum and the opportunity to join a network of like-minded teachers.

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Appoint and retain the best candidates that enhance teaching and learning

This service supports the recruitment of primary and secondary NQTs. We attend a number of initial teacher training recruitment fairs across London. The service includes the provision of a centralised pool for the recruitment of primary NQTs and an NQT Appropriate Body service to quality assure NQT induction.

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