Risk & Assurance Services

Prevention through planning and Effective incident management

Risk management is an essential part of everyday school life for planned events such as educational visits, however, operating a school day-to-day also throws up many unexpected incidents for school leaders, from challenging parents and carers to dealing with an epidemic. This means having someone to call on with experience, expertise, skills and the confidence to provide you with the assurance you need and to support you through those challenges at any time during the day or out of hours as required.

The service offers a 24/7 critical incident management service for emergencies and a helpdesk for your everyday queries.


By choosing The Education Space as your support partner, you will have access to a highly respected and qualified team of experts with links to many specialist partners to help meet any of your school management needs.

Our team has a wealth of experience working across hundreds of schools, which has exposed us to many different scenarios ensuring we can provide support and guidance on all issues including educational visits, risk assessments FOI requests and mediation/parental complaints, saving you time and stress by utilising our single point of contact for your school management queries.

Service Products

  • Mediation/parental complaints service
  • Freedom of information requests
  • Guidance and support helpdesk
  • EVOLVE/EVOLVE+ for educational visits support
  • Risk management and risk assessment
  • Managing critical incidents, emergencies and business continuity
  • Dealing with difficult parents

Contract types

  • Bespoke project: one-off piece of work personalised to your requirements
  • Bespoke training and consultancy
  • Service Level Agreement: annual agreement to support on an ongoing basis

Contact details

020 8249 6900 - Option 1