Independent Catering Audit

Ensuring food safety and nutritional compliance

An important requirement for schools is to ensure that the government’s mandatory food safety and school food-based standards are achieved at all times on their premises. The job of the catering provider is to ensure a high quality and safe service is provided, maintained and improved as required.

People (children and adults) fall ill every day from the food they eat. Bacteria and viruses found in food can cause food poisoning, serious health problems or worse. Schools have a responsibility to ensure that food standards and individuals’ needs are being met.


The client catering support service offers an independent, quality inspection of the provider’s services to ensure that the government’s standards are adhered to. The inspection will cover the 4c’s (cooking, cleaning, chilling and cross-contamination), food storage, transportation, training and other key areas.

We will also check the menu and ensure it is correct and suggest any changes or improvements.


  • A helpdesk service via telephone and email
  • Two monitoring visits per year plus detailed reports
  • Food hygiene review, including health and safety matters within the kitchen area
  • Monitoring of special dietary needs and allergens
  • Support with complaints from parents, pupils or others regarding catering

Contract types

  • Bespoke project: one-off piece of work personalised to your requirements
  • Bespoke training and consultancy
  • Service Level Agreement: annual agreement to support on an ongoing basis

Contact details
020 8249 6900 - Option 1