Independent Cleaning Audit

Ensuring a hygienic work environment for people on-premise

Keeping schools clean is now more important than ever. Teaching is a high-energy job and those who are being taught spend a large proportion of their day at school. A clean work environment helps to ensure that teachers and pupils have a safe and healthy work environment.

Keeping schools clean is a simple way to enhance learning, improve job satisfaction for teachers, reduce illness and fight allergy symptoms. Schools function to their full potential if they are clean and hygienic; ensuring providers who are carrying out the task of cleaning are using safe and green cleaning products, and are compliant with the regulations.


The client cleaning support service offers an independent quality inspection of your provider’s services, ensuring that the specifications are being met. Where the required standards are not being met, these are identified and actions recommended to ensure that these are followed through.

Schools can only function properly if they are clean and hygienic, and those providers who are carrying out the task of cleaning are using safer, greener cleaning products and are compliant with the regulations.

Service Products

  • A helpdesk service via telephone and email
  • Two monitoring visits per year plus detailed reports
  • Cleaning contract management and support
  • Conflict resolution
  • Coaching and briefing

Contract types

  • Bespoke project: one-off piece of work personalised to your requirements
  • Bespoke training and consultancy
  • Service Level Agreement: annual agreement to support on an ongoing basis

Contact details
020 8249 6900 - Option 1