The Education Space Launch Event

The Launch Event celebrated the launch of our brand, The Education Space. Guests enjoyed hearing about new, responsive and transformative services that are now available. The day was well received and we look forward to future collaborations!

Jill Cameron & Paul Baglee discussed the ways that Governance Reviews can be used to help Board improvement. They emphasised that effective schools need effective governors.

Stewart Kiddell & Joseph Waked unearthed the importance of a brand and how it can help schools boost pupil numbers. Chris Fagan & Anna Crispin discussed the importance of a thorough financial breakdown for schools and how innovative technology can help facilitate and significantly improve this process.

Roy Leighton did what he does best, captivating and inspiring the audience throughout. Grianne Sheehy & Paul Stratton highlighted how improved procurement & contract management can lead to better cost effectiveness.

Special thanks to Tim Harrison, Anna Crispin, Stewart Kiddell, Joseph Waked, Paul Stratton, Grianne Sheehy, Chris Fagan, Paul Baglee, Jill Cameron and Roy Leighton.